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Unverifiable personal tales of synchronicity

Archaeopteryx T-shirt Coincidence! Weird!

  I’m going to add something new to this post that happened recently, which really amps up the level of the significance of the original coincidence. Please read to the very end to see what happened. It is even more … Continue reading

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Need Help Identifying Unexplained Phenomena!

I’ve seen some pretty weird things in my time, but what I saw last Saturday afternoon (Feb. 2, ’13) was one of the most perplexing and downright SPOOKY! I actually saw this same “thing” before, about five years ago, and … Continue reading

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Astral Projection Manifests Material Object!

  This one just happened on Father’s Day, June 17th, and it was a mind-blower for me! I had already downloaded some hypnosis audio documents from clinical hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, since they seemed pretty inexpensive to me (a few bucks for a … Continue reading

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Cosmic Consciousness and The Dalai Lama!

This is one that happened to me a few Wednesdays ago, and it appeared to me to be confirmation that The Dalai Lama does indeed have “cosmic consciousness”!    I was at happy hour with a few friends, and while … Continue reading

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BELIEVE is the Correct Answer from a License Plate!

Okay, this one really blew my mind. If my readers will check the October of 2011 archives of this website they will find that the second blog title from that time period is “Correct Answers From License Plates! Wow!”   … Continue reading

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