Weirdest Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidence!

The weirdest thing about this particular coincidence isn’t the coincidence itself, in my opinion. It’s the fact that I have never seen it listed AS a coincidence between the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, though it’s obvious to me that it is the MOST important coincidence, and most bizarre of all of them.

   In my opinion, this is an excellent example of the high level of coincidence that is REALLY happening, and that it is easily missed even by those who are actually LOOKING.

   I first read the list of coincidences back in the early ’70′s, and I have seen versions of it many times since then, and I even have in my possession two books that contain such lists of coincidences between these two assassinated presidents. Most of the coincidences listed in all the lists I’ve seen are pretty much the same, with some additions and differences. HOWEVER, at NO time have I ever seen the bizarre coincidence mentioned that should be #1 on EVERY list. It’s so obvious, and so easy to confirm, it’s ridiculous. I had the hunch about it a few years ago, and decided to check just for the heck of it. Mind you, the coincidence is so weird, and so OBVIOUS, that I naturally had to consider the possibility that I simply had it wrong, because if it turned out to be TRUE, I wouldn’t be able to reconcile the fact that everyone compiling these lists had totally missed the OBVIOUS, which certainly didn’t seem likely.

    Therefore, I checked my hunch with trepidation, knowing that it was likely just plain WRONG. However, that is NOT what happened! My hunch turned out to be absolutely CORRECT! And it’s REALLY WEIRD! You see, I figured that during Kennedy’s term, the most popular limousine was probably the Ford Lincoln Continental. Duh! I was Right, and the FORD LINCOLN Continental that Kennedy was riding in when he was shot is currently on display at the Ford Museum. Ford Motors bought it back from presidential service so that they could display the actual vehicle in which Kennedy was shot!

    Therefore, not only was Kennedy shot while riding in a LINCOLN, the very name of the assassinated president from 100 years earlier, the name of the company that makes the Lincoln is the name of the freakin’ THEATRE in which Lincoln was shot—FORD!!!!!!! That’s right, President LINCOLN was shot in FORD Theatre, and Kennedy was shot while riding in a FORD LINCOLN!!! How is it even possible that this particular factoid didn’t make it to any of the lists of coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy? In fact, I even checked the list on to see if they knew about it. While they did indeed refute some of the alleged coincidences, they didn’t bother with this one, because IT’S NOT ON ANY LIST!!!

    Man, I gotta tell ya, if I was President of the U.S., and I was slated to appear in public while riding down the street in an open vehicle, I sure as heck wouldn’t do it in a car named after a previously assassinated president! Especially not if the company that makes it is also the name of the freakin’ place where that president was assassinated! The only way this could get any weirder is if we eventually have a president who rides in an open vehicle that just happens to be made by a new car manufacturer called DALLAS, and the limousine itself is called the KENNEDY! No way in heck I would get in a limousine that is called a DALLAS KENNEDY, but Kennedy apparently didn’t have an issue with riding in a FORD LINCOLN, even though he had been warned repeatedly that he shouldn’t appear in public riding in an open vehicle, because psychics had ominous feelings about it, including the famous psychic, Jeane Dixon. 

    So, to my mind, the final question is why seemingly no one else has noticed this rather bizarre TRUE and COFIRMABLE coincidence, which should have been #1 on the list!

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Archaeopteryx T-shirt Coincidence! Weird!

  I’m going to add something new to this post that happened recently, which really amps up the level of the significance of the original coincidence. Please read to the very end to see what happened. It is even more mind-blowing than my original posting about this event. Also, I am reminded that there is one other T-shirt I own and wear regularly that has pulled a mind-blowing stunt, a little over a year ago, and it is also one of my favorite T-shirts. It seemingly manifested due to an astral-projection exercise while listening to a download for that purpose from Steve G. Jones, clinical hypnotherapist. That story can be found in my archives section from July 2012, and it’s worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in the subject of astral projection.

   I’ve experienced some really symbolic and seemingly impossible personal coincidences in the past, but the one that happened recently (4/20/13) really rocked my world. That was a Saturday on which I was working both in the garage and just outside in my backyard, through a roll-up door that faced the backyard, on a woodcarving.

   At one point in the early afternoon I stepped into the garage to get a tool, and I happened to see a piece of yellow paper about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide lying directly in the center of the blue rubber mat in front of my work table. It looked familiar even though it was obviously worn with time and the elements, and possibly had been chewed by various insects, as the edges were ragged all the way around, and it was even stained with mildew all over. The paper itself had become almost that of tissue, even though it had once been the consistency of note paper. It had holes in it, and the drawing on it was almost invisible, but I recognized it anyway and picked it up off the floor.

    It was one of 3 elements of a design for a T-shirt I had been asked to paint for a friend of mine a little over 20 years ago. I had completed the simple designs, but never got around to painting the shirts. The specific design lying on my garage floor had been missing from my art valise for many years, and I had actually been looking for it for a few months, after coming across the other elements of the design in the valise in the past year. To my knowledge no designs I had ever drawn had ever had any reason whatsovever to spend any time in my garage, any especially not THIS one, since it had been safely stored in my valise long before moving into this house, and I’d never had a reason to get it out and look at it in my garage. Nonetheless, it looked as though it had been somewhere in my garage for many years, and I wondered why it would choose this particular moment to suddenly show up in the direct center of my rubber mat, where I normally stand to work at that table.

    I then wondered if the drawing itself, which is a simple series of curved lines intended to represent the profile of a man’s face (easy to paint on a T-shirt), might actually represent ME somehow. I realized at that time that since it was a little after 12:00 in the afternoon, the drawings for the various afternoon games in the Texas Lottery series would be commencing soon, if not at that very moment. I then mused the possibility that one of two three-digit numbers might play in the Texas Pick 3, either one of which I would consider as strong evidence that the fact that I mysteriously found this piece of my own artwork on the floor at approximately the same time as the official time of the afternoon game drawings to be personally significant somehow. The two numbers I had in mind were 417 and 247. I figured if either one of those played, it would be evidence of a DIRECT PERSONAL CONNECTION between myself and that specific lottery game on that date, which I could then take as evidence that it was no accident that I found my artwork lying on the floor at that time. The reason for those specific numbers are as follows: 417 represents my birthday, which was just three days earlier (the date was 4/20), and 247 is my actual trademark, and I have carved an artistic representation of that number into a big piece of mesquite, the photo of which is the SOATE on the home page of this blog, and will also be featured on the cover of my book, “The Coincidence Collector” (duh!), which should be available at Amazon and other outlets in a few weeks. Naturally, I’ll announce that when it actually happens.

 I then reminesced about the time period in which I was asked to create this design, and remembered fondly that I had instead created another, and completely different, design for a T-shirt for my own use, and began designing it in the last few months of 1991. It was to be the most intricate design I ever developed for a T-shirt, and it took me a few months to paint it by hand when I finally got started, after creating not only the main design, but two different fonts for the lettering I eventually painted on it, one of which was to be painted on the front of the shirt, in REVERSE MIRROR IMAGE, so that I alone could read it when looking in a mirror while wearing it.

    I used the same font on the back side of the shirt, but not in reverse mirror imaging, so that someone behind me could read it. However, the lettering in that specific font didn’t say the same thing as on the front side of the shirt. Instead, it was meant to describe the title and the design on the front of the shirt. It said, “Evolution Into Flight”.  Underneath that on the back of the shirt, it said in a completely different font I had also designed,                    “ARCHAEOPTERYX“.                                                                      This is the official scientific name for the fossil found in Berlin, Germany, which is widely believed to be the earliest known bird, likely 150 million years old, or thereabout. I’ve always found the fossil to be quite beautiful, and had considered doing my own rendition of it in some sort of artwork for many years, and the T-shirt idea worked for me at that time.

    Anyway, since I found that slip of paper in my garage with my drawing for a different T-shirt, one which I never got around to painting, and I wondered if it somehow represented ME, I went and got my ARCHAEOPTERYX T-shirt off the bed where it had been lying since I’d been wearing it regularly the past year or so, and I put it on over the T-shirt I was already wearing.

    A couple of hours later I got brave enough to check the Texas Lottery website to see what had played in the afternoon games that day, particularly the Pick 3 and Daily 4. Sure enough, one of the three-digit sequences I had wondered about had indeed played in the Pick 3. It was the representation of my birthday, in the fashion of 417 (4/17).

    Naturally, I got on the phone with my “coincidence collector friend” immediately  (who also just happens to be Carolyn Vines, the editor of my book), all excited-like and everything, to tell her the weird coincidence that had transpired a little earlier (and maybe really freak her out as well). She was appropriately impressed, of course, but in short order SHE REALLY FREAKED ME OUT!!! You see, while the fact that 417 did indeed play in the Pick 3, the four-digit number that played in the Daily 4 didn’t look familiar to me, so I didn’t bother with it. However, Carolyn insisted that we look at the list of named and numbered asteroids at Wikipedia to see if the name of asteroid #9860 (the number that played in the Daily 4) might be significant somehow. You might imagine my freaked-outed-ness when she told me that the name of that asteroid is ARCHAEOPTERYX!!!!! My favorite shirt, and I was wearing the thing!!!! Honestly, what the heck are you supposed to think when a coincidence that spectacular and downright personal happens??? Really!!!! Not only that, it turns out that the discovery date of asteroid #9860 Archaeopteryx is August 6th of 1991, the approximate time period in which I began designing my Archaeopteryx T-shirt!

    This is the addendum to this posting. A couple of weeks after I originally posted this story, I saw a story on Yahoo about a woman in her 70′s who had purchased a used Bible in a second-hand book store, and she subsequently found some old yellow paper between some pages. She didn’t look at it right away, but when she did she found that it was a letter to HER Girl Scout counselor, which SHE HERSELF had written in 1948! Apparently, her Girl Scout counselor had deemed it worthy of fitting between pages of her Bible, and the very person who wrote it and dated it in 1948 had stumbled across it in the used book store and bought it, more than a thousand miles away from where they both used to live in 1948! Unfortunately, the woman who found her own letter couldn’t remember what pages of the Bible the letter was between, and she wished that she had taken note of it, because she felt like there might have been personal significance there for her.

   This story jogged my memory of a used book I had purchased from a local used book store in Houston a few years ago, one in which was also a piece of paper between two pages. It was (and still is between those pages) a check dated December 9th, 1948, the very same year that is indicated on the woman’s letter! It is made out to the letter J, with no amount. There is a series of names on the back of the check. Unlike the woman who found her own letter between two pages of the Bible, I DID check to see what pages the check was between in the used book I bought, and is the very reason why I committed to buying the book in the first place. You see, the check was between pages 418, 419, which are the middle and last pages of a three-page poem which begins on page 417. This was important to me because 417 is a representation of my birthday, 4/17. Naturally, it was easy for me to remember where the check is found due to this reason. Now, here’s the spooky part: You may recall that earlier in this post I said that I found the sketched profile of a man’s face on the floor of my garage on 4/20 this year, just three days after my birthday on 4/17, and I wondered if the face somehow represented me. The 3-digit number 417 did indeed play in the day game of the The Texas Pick 3 within a few minutes of my finding that face on the floor, which I HOPED would play, as it would seem to indicate that the “face on the floor” does indeed represent me. Here’s the kicker: The title of the poem on page 417 in the used book I bought (and which continues onto pages 418, 419, where the check from 1948 is found) is THE FACE ON THE FLOOR by Hugh D’Arcy!!!! How can that just be an accident?????? Especially since the story of a woman finding something significant in her used Bible dated 1948 happened just a couple of weeks after I posted this story, and it jarred my memory so that I would remember that the poem on page 417 is THE FACE ON THE FLOOR!!!

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Need Help Identifying Unexplained Phenomena!

I’ve seen some pretty weird things in my time, but what I saw last Saturday afternoon (Feb. 2, ’13) was one of the most perplexing and downright SPOOKY! I actually saw this same “thing” before, about five years ago, and watched it for a few minutes, and then it simply vanished right in front of my eyes! This time, however, I watched it for over five minutes, keeping my eyes on it the entire time, and I even called a friend to talk about it while I observed its bizarre behavior.

Okay, so I guess it’s time to describe the thing, and the setting and situation involved in my sighting of “it” last Saturday. I had done some rattlesnake hunting for about three hours in the Matagorda, Texas area, starting at about 1:00 that afternoon, and though I didn’t actually bag one, I did manage to step on one just before it finished slithering under a large knot of salt grass for protection, rattling insistently. A few minutes later I almost stepped on another one, and it also slithered right under another knot of salt grass, rendering it fairly safe from my snake-catching pole. Oh, well, it was still an adventure!

While waiting for my buddies to come pick me up after my snake hunt in the boat, as I was hunting along the North bank of the Intracoastal Canal, with the expanse of Matagorda Bay just beyond a sliver of land that separated it from the canal, I decided to just survey my beautiful surroundings, since lots of interesting bird life was flying all around, and the view is quite surreal and dreamlike.

As I tried to identify various waterfowl as they dipped into the canal for a meal, and glided effortlessly over the canal and surrounding marshlands, I kept my eyes on one particular pelican as it slipped very low over the canal, just a couple of inches from the surface, as it sped down the canal, to the East toward Galveston, which is many miles away. As the pelican got about 400 yards away from me down the canal, I saw a barge in that direction slowly pushing its way toward my section of the canal, and I decided to watch it instead. Just then, I noticed what appeared to be a large black post, or possibly a beach house support, sticking straight up out of the water on the North bank of the canal, the same side I was standing on, but about 400 yards away, about the same distance as the pelican was at that point. The barge would eventually reach that spot, but it would take a few minutes to get there.

The really strange thing about this “post”, or whatever it was, sticking up out of the water about 8 feet, and about a foot-and-a half wide, was that it was MOVING. It stayed perfectly vertical while scooting around at about a mile or two an hour, and on occasion it would pick up a little speed and travel a little further out into the middle of the canal. The effect was quite surreal, especially since there did not appear to be any wake in the water at its base. It looked every bit as though it was a perfectly straight column of black energy magically floating just a micron or two above the surface of the water.

After watching this spectacle for a couple of minutes, I decided to use my cell phone to call a friend and describe the mysterious event to her as it transpired. We talked about it while it was plainly visible and still moving around, changing directions from time to time, sometimes changing velocity slightly. It was pretty weird looking, let me tell you! Bear in mind, I have windsurfed in exactly that same spot on several occasions, and the depth of the water there is only about a foot, sometimes less. The skeg of my windsurfer runs aground regularly even when I’m thirty feet from shore! This “thing” was getting a lot closer to the shore on occasion, and often would have been above only two or three inches of water. Not bad for an 8 foot vertical mass of black matter (or energy) that managed to remain perfectly vertical the entire time I watched it!

Anyway, after several minutes of this bizarre spectacle, all the while I was trying to figure out what the heck it could really be, it had meandered out to the middle of the canal, and would be in danger of being hit by the approaching barge in less than a minute. At this point, it actually acted startled by the approaching barge, and it suddenly picked up speed and zipped straight across the canal at about thirty MPH, and it still managed to stay perfectly vertical during its swift transit across the canal (to safety?), and it also still did not appear to disturb the water at its base! There was no spray or wake, even though it would have been traveling as fast as a waterskier at that time! Weird!

Unfortunately, it disappeared into a minor cove behind a mass of mounded earth when it got to the bank, and I didn’t see it again. The barge passed by that spot, and my buddies arrived in the boat to pick me up within the minute. I must admit I would have loved to get them to take me 400 yards in the wrong direction to see if there was some evidence of the strange sight at the cove where it disappered into, but I didn’t want to explain it to them at that time. Besides, I had a sneaking suspicion that there would have nothing there to see anyway, especially since I had seen this same phenomenon a few years earlier in the same general area of the canal, and it had just up and disappeared on me in the blink of an eye. At that time, it was maybe three hundred yards further up the canal, much closer to the spot where I was watching it this time, and it tended to stay out in the middle of the canal, just scooting around in the same fashion, perfectly vertical at about a mile or two an hour until it just vanished, and that time it was only about 50 feet from me, seemingly into thin air. I meant to do some research about it when I saw it the first time, but it was just so mysterious and I really didn’t know how to describe it, so I blew it off and almost completely forgot about it until I saw it again last Saturday.

So the big question for me is: has anyone else seen something like this on the water? I’ve racked my brain for a rational explanation, but I’ve come up empty-handed. Anyone out there have a good one? Let me know!

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Twinkie Shortage Coincidence!

The recent Hostess Twinkie shortage problem due to the labor dispute has reminded me of two different movies in which Bill Murray appears, in which the Twinkie plays a minor role. The first of the two movies is “Ghostbusters”, and in that movie the character played by Harold Ramis, Dr. Egon Spengler, makes the comment, “That’s a big Twinkie”, when the iconic Hostess snack is used as an example to explain a possible paranormal event. Of course, Bill Murray also plays a big role in “Ghostbusters”, and he also has one of the funniest scenes in the movie “Zombieland”, co-starring Woody Harrelson as “Talahassee”, a zombie-killing man on a mission: to get his hands on as many Hostess Twinkies as he can, since there really IS a severe shortage of Twinkies in “Zombieland”!

   So there you have it, two movies in which Bill Murray can be found, and Twinkies are at least mentioned. Is this a Bill Murray thing, or just an ordinary coincidence? I’ve got a hunch he’s enjoyed at least a few of them in his life, and maybe, just MAYBE, he suggested the subject of Twinkies should come up somehow at some point in these movies. By the way, when the news about the possible Twinkie shortage broke last Friday, I watched “Zombieland” in honor of the iconic Hostess snack, and enjoyed it as tremendously as I have all the previous times I have seen it! It’s a fun movie, and the story about the possible Twinkie shortage was all it took to send me to my DVD library to snag my copy of “Zombieland” and pop it into the player! Maybe you should check it out too, before all the Twinkies are really gone!

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Psychic Dream!

The devastation from Hurricane Sandy which has left millions without power for several days already reminds me of the psychic dream I had after I’d been without power at my home in Houston after Hurricane Ike for two full weeks. I was dreaming early in the morning of September 27, ’08, exactly two weeks after losing power, and in this dream I was walking through my house and wishing that the power would come back on soon. At one point in this dream, I walked into a small unidentified closet with a flashlight so that I could find something in there.

    Suddenly, a bare light bulb lit up directly over my head indicating that the power was now back on! I was so overjoyed in my dream that my excitement at having my power back on woke me up immediately. Unfortunately, I then realized it had likely only been a dream, and that my power was still out, but I jumped out of bed anyway to go turn on a lamp to see if it would light up. As you might imagine, I was immediately disappointed to find what I already suspected; that my power was still out, and that I’d only had a wishful dream, nothing more.

    However, my dream had been so real, that I began to wonder if something like that might happen at some point that day. But then I realized that it was unlikely, since I didn’t know of any overhead bare light bulbs in any small closets in my house that could alert me to the power coming back on when it finally got around to it. Also, after the power had gone out two weeks earlier, I thought it would be wise to go ahead and just shut everything off, since power surges might happen during the course of repairs by the power technicians, and that’s not usually good for your appliances if the switches are in the ‘on’ position. While it’s not so hard on incandescent light bulbs, I turned all of those off too, just to be on the safe side. Therefore, unless I missed a light switch somehow, there would be no light bulbs lighting up over my head when the power did finally come back on.

    I then decided to go ahead and turn on at least one lamp in the living room, since it would be a pretty dumb thing to have no way whatsoever to know if the power came back on, right? I did that, but every time I walked through the living room that day the lamp only reminded me that the power was still off. Thankfully, I had plans to drive to another part of town that evening to go to a party where they’d had their power back on for at least a week, and could therefore be in a cheerful setting for a few hours that indicated to me that I would indeed get my electricity back on, and possibly soon.

    Then, at about 5:00 that afternoon, while I was getting ready for the party (it was a costume party for a special occasion), I took a flashlight with me into the kitchen pantry to get some canned veggies that I could heat up on the gas grill outside. I had only just walked into the “small closet”, when a BARE LIGHT BULB suddenly lit up directly over my head!! Apparently, I had neglected to turn off the switch for the light in the pantry when I went around the house turning everything off two weeks earlier! Also apparently, I had never noticed that the overhead light bulb in the pantry was just a bare bulb with no glass covering over it! You might imagine I was totally blown away by this scene which appeared to be pretty much exactly how it happened in my dream about 10 hours earlier! I’ve now had many such psychic dreams that appear to predict events that will happen later in the same day. Now if I can only figure out how to have such psychic hits that can be of more benefit!

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