About the Author

Galen E. Gardner is a 54 year old native of Houston Texas, the setting for his intriguing and thought-provoking novel, THE COINCIDENCE COLLECTOR.  Mr. Gardner is an accomplished wood worker and carver, harmonica player, rattlesnake hunter, and windsurfer.

Mr. Gardner first began noticing the interesting coincidences and correlations found in THE COINCIDENCE COLLECTOR about 14 years ago.  He began actively researching the apparent phenomenon shortly after realizing that, although he could only theorize the nature or reason for such, he could at least confirm the existence of hundreds of seemingly hitherto unnoticed “universal coincidences” quite easily, thereby having the capacity to demonstrate them to others, and perhaps instill the same wonderment in them that he himself feels.

Mr. Gardner’s artistic talent can be observed on the Home page of this website, as the picture featured there is a very significant original carving.  Art, THE COINCIDENCE COLLECTOR’s main character creates his own unique and meaningful symbol, carving it into a substantial wedged sliver of the trunk of a native Texas mesquite.  Art’s beautiful and mystical carving becomes an integral piece of the story, serving as a visual reminder of the mysterious world he has recently discovered.  Mr. Gardner created the carving you see on this website’s Home page as he wrote the account of the carving of it by his fictional character, Art.


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