Tell Me YOUR Stories of Bizarre Coincidence!!

 Yes! Tell me YOUR stories of outrageous (bizarre!) coincidence, and I will publish them HERE!! Surely my readers have THEIR OWN fabulous stories of wild coincidence!! I want to publish them here at my site, for sure! Duh!

   Has anything really weird ever happened to you that turned out to be a wild coincidence? Of course it has! Tell me about it! Just respond to this in my “Recent Comments” section with your totally cool coincidence, and I will publish a draft of it here at my website where other interested readers can see it under the “Recent Posts” section!

    Of course, your original comment will also be available in my “Recent Comments” section, so that other readers can see BOTH your original comment AND the new post based on your story! Won’t that be fun? That way, you don’t have to have your own blog site that tells your seriously cool story of bizarre coincidence! I’ll do it for you!

    Naturally, I’ll give full credit to the writers whose stories of phenomenal coincidence I eventually post at this website (and certainly if I use them in my next book! Royalties for those stories when I publish my next book will certainly be forthcoming! We can hash out those details personally when I get that book published, for sure! Oh, yeah!)

    I hope you’re interested in this! I certainly want to hear those cool stories of wild coincidence, and I really want to post them here for you! I’ll bet I hear from you soon (oh, please!)!

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6 Responses to Tell Me YOUR Stories of Bizarre Coincidence!!

  1. Phil says:

    Ok here’s a coincidence that doesn’t happen to me often. This morning I was finishing up my last truck of the night for work. Before I started though I noticed that the propane on my forklift was on empty. That means I have maybe 10-30 min. or so left on that tank. There’s 3 different forklifts I use at night and this one in particular doesn’t give you any warning at all when the propane runs out. The other 2 will allow me to get all the way to the other end of the warehouse where the propane is stored.

    So I figured I should just go down to the other end of the warehouse and grab another propane tank and set it over by the truck I was loading. At least it would be in the immediate area where I was working when it would run out. As I was grabbing another propane tank sure enough the propane ran out on my forklift and the engine shut off! So I was already in position to just change it right there. What a coincidence! I wish that would happen to me more often rather than having to grab another forklift to go grab a propane tank.

  2. Galen says:

    Cool, Phil!
    My goodness! What a coincidence that you just happened to send this comment on MY BIRTHDAY!!! Great story! Thanks for sending it! You are officially my absolute BEST COMMENTER!!!!! I’ve got a great coincidence that happened on my birthday (4/17) that concerns the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and I’ll be posting that soon!!! It’s freaking CONFIRMABLE!!! Great to have YOU aboard, for sure!!!

  3. Phil says:

    I just read your story about the Titanic! That was intersting and I just saw some pictures recently of passengers clothes that are still down there next to the titanic! I couldn’t believe it.

    My wife and I flew into Belfast, Northern Ireland back in 2004 and got to see where the Titanic was made! At least I can say that it was made by the British though and not the Irish. All of Ireland was still under British control at the time and the Irish Catholics were discriminated against when it came to jobs. Just to think that was in the early 1900′s and it continued into the 1980′s. Things are a lot better though now in Northern Ireland.

  4. Yolanda Hanavan says:

    I’m not sure if this is coincidence or just intuition, but this morning as I left for work I said to myself, “I bet Phil (my husband) will have to mow the lawn as soon as he gets home tonight.” I heard him pull up in the truck, and before he even came in to say hello, the lawnmower was being pulled out of the garage.

  5. Galen says:

    This sounds like a good one to me, Yolanda! Mainly because the timing is just TOO perfect!! If he had come home and at some point after coming in had gone back out to get the mower, then that might have been just coincidence, but the fact that did so IMMEDIATELY after coming home tells me you might very well have had a telepathic moment earlier that morning. Allow your subconscious mind to absorb that, and also to believe that MAYBE, just MAYBE you had a telepathic moment that morning, and your subconscious mind will become even MORE powerful, and you will begin to experience such moments more often! Wouldn’t that be fun!

    • Yolanda Hanavan says:

      Yes, that would be fun! I don’t normally have many coincidental moments,
      but I do often have many moments of deja vu and very vivid reoccuring dreams. One dream that I’ve had at least 3 times is that I’m going to school. For some reason I haven’t gone to my class or classes in a long time, and I suddenly don’t remember how to get there. If I do find my way, then I find I’m having to take a test on something I know nothing about. I think that these dreams may be linked to anxiety, but I don’t understand the school connection. I’ve been out of college now since 1994.

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