Supernatural Manifestation of OMNI Magazine? Weird!

Okay, so this actually happened about three years ago, but it was so bizarre that it still weirds me out!

    I was a big fan of OMNI magazine back in the early to mid-eighties, and I had collected almost ten years worth of them by the time I moved into my current home (in 1995), and I certainly intended to hang on to them FOREVER since I loved reading them cover-to-cover, and envisioned a time when I could spend even MORE time rereading them instead of watching TV, since OMNI Magazine was WAY better than any TV show I ever saw!

    Alas, I didn’t even think to look for any for any of them until after I’d been living in this house for a little over ten years, as they’d been packed away (I presumed) by my wife in boxes that I naturally figured would be plenty accessible enough when I felt I had the time to peruse them again. Unfortunately, by the time I thought to look for them I wasn’t exactly sure where they had been stored, but I figured it was likely that at least SOME of them were stashed in a large Rubbermaid packing container which took up space at my feet under my computer table, SINCE DAY ONE of moving into my “new” home.

    About six years ago I finally got up enough gumption to drag that Rubbermaid box out from under my computer table and look in it for some old OMNI issues. At first it looked as if I had picked the wrong box to check since the first items on top were artbooks of various ilk, such as album cover art from decades past, which I also loved to collect. There were also various art books which featured artists such as Boris Vallejo, Rowena, and Frank Frazetta, my favorite science fiction and fantasy book cover artists (great stuff, for sure!). However, it didn’t look as though any of my OMNI magazines had made their way into this box, but right when I was about to get to the bottom of the box, after removing all the other items one by one and stacking them on the floor next to the box, I found one!

    It was the September issue of 1985, my wife’s birth month in the year our son was born. Then I got really hopeful that I would find another one, preferably the NOVEMBER issue of the same year, the month and year our son was born. But it was not to be. There were no more issues of OMNI in that box at all. Disappointed, I replaced all the other books in the box, and slid it back under my table, while keeping the September of ’85 issue handy so I could check it out at my leisure.

    While there were some pretty cool articles and ads in that issue, I was still somewhat burned that the one-and-only issue I really wanted to find simply didn’t exist, and I might never find it in ANY of the other boxes I had packed away in my closet and/or attic.

   The following two years after finding that September of ’85 issue of OMNI I looked in that same box for other items, and every time I did this I also kept an eye out for another issue of OMNI, just in case I had missed one, but I came up empty-handed in that regard every time. That is, until I opened that same box a FOURTH time, almost three years after I had found the September of ’85 OMNI issue, in my quest to find an art book by Roger Dean, the fantastic artist whose artwork graced the early album covers of the rock group YES, one of my favorite groups from the 70′s and 80′s.

   Much to my amazement, when I took the lid off that same box to get my hands on the Roger Dean art book, there was a single issue of OMNI right on top of everything!! Of course I was absolutely STUNNED. With some trepidation I gingerly picked it up off the stack of books and looked at the date of issue. It was a November of 1985 issue, the month and year my son was born, the very issue I had been hoping for!!

    Naturally I took everything out of the box one more time to make sure there were no other issues of OMNI to be found there. Sure enough, it was the only one, but heck, the last time I had looked for one in this box there weren’t any at all. And there’d only been one in it when I found the September of ’85 issue a couple of years earlier!

    So, just how weird is this event, anyway? Bear this in mind: even if I had found dozens of OMNI issues in that box, there was no guarantee any of them would be from the year 1985, let alone NOVEMBER of ’85, the very issue I’d hoped to find in the first place! To date I have only found two old issues of OMNI in my moving boxes, the September of ’85, and the November of ’85. I think it was weird enough that the first one I found just happened to be from the desired year, let alone that I somehow missed finding the November of ’85 issue when I looked earnestly for ANY issue of OMNI three times before! How the heck did it wind up being RIGHT ON TOP of all the other stuff in that box?? How did I miss it before??

    If that isn’t weird enough, how’s this for a coincidence: the very first page I turned to in that magazine was page 82 because asteroid #82 ALKMENE is the first asteroid discovered on my son’s birthday, and on that page just happens to be a cartoon which depicts an ASTRONOMER DISCOVERING AN ASTEROID! Weird, ain’t it?? Has anything like this happened to any of my readers? Let me know, for cryin’ out loud!!

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One Response to Supernatural Manifestation of OMNI Magazine? Weird!

  1. Phil says:

    I can’t say anything like that has happened to me. The one thing that caught my attention in all of this though was Roger Dean! I’m very familiar with his art on YES album covers.

    I’ve been listening to YES for 22 years now. One of my favorite progressive rock bands. I have majority of all their cd’s including all their later albums going back to 1997 and up.

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