Sign in the Sky Predicts Winning Number!

On January 29th this year I happened to look toward the Eastern sky, and I was presented with one of the most beautiful and bizarre sights I have ever seen in the sky. There was a giant X composed of vapor trails of jets that so so huge it covered virtually the entire Eastern half of the visible Houston sky, almost from the ground up to about 20,000 feet or so, the intersection of which was pretty much perfectly centered in the sky from my viewpoint.

    While I have certainly seen plenty of jet vapor trails that happen to cross in the sky, I had never seen one so perfectly aligned and centered as this one, and I naturally considered the likelihood that this was a concerted effort by two jet pilots, perhaps even done for some sort of commercial or special show, especially since the daytime almost-full moon appeared to be resting inside the X! They couldn’t have aligned it better!

  I called a friend to let her know about it, and she looked out the window and said she could see it too. She was as blown away by it as I was. She made the comment, “You know, that’s the Roman numeral for the number 10. I wonder if that means anything.”

    I told her that I did get that it represented a 10, but that was confusing the issue we had already talked about earlier that day; the possibility that 9 might play as the megaball, in the very next Megaball multi-state lottery game that would be played in two days. I said, “If only another vapor trail would go STRAIGHT UP on the left hand side of the giant X, making the Roman number 9, that would be really cool. But what are the chances of that?”

    At that very instant, a jet or rocket of some kind took off STRAIGHT UP on the left hand side of the giant X, and it made a perfect vertical vapor trail that now created a perfect Roman numeral IX, or 9!!!! These jets (or whatever they were) seemed to be about 10 miles away, and the giant IX they created was so spectacular (especially with the daytime moon resting in the X!), that it still seemed likely that this was a concerted effort by several pilots, and that we would probably see something about it on the news later, and that all would be explained at that time.

   However, no one I know of saw this “show” except me and my friend, and a few of my immediate neighbors whom I had pointed it out to, nor did anything about it ever surface on the news programs in Houston! I have asked lots of people of about it, and no one else seems to have even HEARD about it, let alone witnessed it! 

    Naturally, this bumped up CONSIDERABLY my intent to play 9 as the megaball in the next Megamillions game two days later, so I played four lines with 9 as the megaball, the most important of the six numbers that are drawn in such games, since even if it’s the only one you get right, you still win money. Naturally, even though I played 9 as the megaball, I also played it as one of the other six, since the megaball can actually play twice in the same game. The Roman numeral IX in the sky just seemed that danged important!

    Well, what do you know, it actually DID play twice in that game!! It was the FIRST number drawn!! And of course, it was also the LAST number drawn, the MEGABALL! Now, I didn’t win the millions, or anything like that, but on one of my lines I did get three correct! The weirdest part about this entire scenario is the AMOUNT of money I won. It was exactly 47 bucks in total. That just happens to be my favorite number, and I even belong to The 47 Society, a group that is especially fond of this apparently very cool number, because we see it EVERYWHERE, and it always seems to have some extra significance when we observe an appearance of it.

    Here’s where it gets even a little weirder. On the very night that I won exactly 47 bucks by playing the number indicated by a sign in the sky, something happened in the Texas Daily 4 night game (it plays twice a day), in which you pick four digits and hope you get ‘em right. In almost 3000 games of the Daily 4 that had been drawn, 0047 had never been drawn, but it was drawn THAT NIGHT!!! On the night I won exactly 47 bucks, an amount I’d never won before!

   Okay, I admit I can’t prove this “show in the sky” that appeared to predict the next megaball was anything more than a cool coincidence, but it sure feels supernatural to me! Especially since 47 got involved in it! You can BET I’ll be on the lookout for more of those, for sure! Perhaps the coolest thing about this weird thing is the fact that it happened on the 29th day of 2012!!

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2 Responses to Sign in the Sky Predicts Winning Number!

  1. Phil says:

    That’s cool! I was laughing when you said you won $47 that day. Only that would happen to you! I bet that made your day.

    • Galen says:

      You got that right! It was totally WEIRD!! How about what happened last March 10th? That was the 8 year anniversary of when my pedometer’s alarm went off after I said out loud, “Even YOU can’t get away from the 47!”. When I finally figured out it was my pedometer that the alarm was coming from, I checked the digital display and it was just showing the number 47!!!! I wondered if something like that might happen on the 8 year anniversary, since it’s another leap year and it just happens to be the rather cool-sounding year of 2012. When I checked my pedometer that morning it was already showing 00047 (calories burned)!!!! With no steps counted!!! Then my buddy Robert, who lives in Wyoming, sends me an email two days later that his pedometer is now showing 00047!!!! He didn’t know ANYTHING about my freakin’ pedometer weirdness!!!!! This 47 thing on my pedometer hadn’t happened in 8 years!!!!

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