Bizarre Coincidence Wins Tickets To Concert!

This just happened last Sunday (2/19/12), so it’s still freakin’ goosebumpy-fresh in my mind! I was getting ready to head out to a music store to buy a couple more harmonicas (I play every day and am not too shabby, I must say. I’ve done a few blues venues), but I still had half a gin-and-tonic to finish, so I went out to the garage to play some “blues-harp”.

   I turned on the radio in the garage and there were some really cool blues playing at that moment, so I tried to figure out what key it was in so that I could pick my correct harmonica to play with it. As luck would have it, I happened to have a key of A flat on hand, which apparently is used so rarely in blues that I had only played it ONCE in 8 years! It was the correct key for the piece playing on the radio when I turned it on (John Egan’s version of “John the Revelator”, who happened to be playing this song live in the studio of Houston’s Pacifica radio station, KPFT), so I was overjoyed that I could now use this obscure key of harmonica to play it along with this song being played LIVE at that very moment in the studio!

  Once the song was over, I called KPFT immediately (I know the phone number by heart!) to let them know how much fun I was having, but the line was busy when I called. I kept trying, and finally on my 4th or 5th try I got through, and to my surprise, the lady who answered said, “You’re caller number 9. What have you won?”

   I was stunned! Apparently, the reason why I couldn’t get through the first time I tried was that they were at that point accepting callers who wanted to win something! I know how it works at KPFT, and if you happen to be the correct caller to win their offer, you still have to tell them exactly WHAT you have won, or they go on to the next caller!

    Since I was at least aware that John Egan was playing live from their studio, I figured the prize must be tickets to see him play live that night, so that’s what I said. She said, “That’s correct, but where?” I took a stab at it and said, “The Mucky Duck?” She said, “That’s right! You’ve won two tickets to see John Egan tonight at The Mucky Duck! You also get a signed CD by John Egan when you get there!”

    I called one of my buds and we went that night, and the show was awesome! Egan plays an acoustic resonator, and he’s dynamite at it!!! Nice guy, too!! So, my whole point here is that I actually won tickets by sheer accident! I’ve TRIED to win tickets by being the correct numbered caller amny times, but never hit before, and I finally do it when I’m not even trying?? Cool!!

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3 Responses to Bizarre Coincidence Wins Tickets To Concert!

  1. Phil says:

    Very cool! That doesn’t happen too often. My friend Jay Dooling in Houston works at KPFT part time and runs the program Irish Aires on that station. He’s been doing it since the early 90′s I believe.

    • Galen says:

      Way cool, Phil!!!! Irish Aires is one of my favorite programs on KPFT!!! Glad to hear you know of it and that you that guy!!! Great COINCIDENCE!!!

  2. Phil says:

    Jay is a great guy! I get updates from him every week through an e-mail list on everything that is going on in the Irish community in Houston.

    I used to listen to Irish Aires on KPFT also when I lived in Texas and would donate to them when they had their fundraising drive on air. I definitely felt closer to the Irish community in Houston than I do out here in San Francisco. The Irish Pub Kenneally’s in Houston was the best.

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