Major coincidence with Texas Lottery in 2012

This one is pretty cool considering all the interest in the upcoming year, 2012, and all the hoopla surrounding the Mayan calendar stuff. I keep abreast of the draw numbers of the Texas Lottery (the number of times the game has been played since it started in 1992), and I did the math in my head a couple of days ago as to when game draw number 2012 would occur.
Turns out it will happen in 2012!!! The most significant thing about this coincidence is that it is the ONLY time that a game draw number of the Texas Lottery will indicate the year in which it is being played! It has never happened before, and it will NEVER happen again!
What is also pretty interesting is that game draw number 215 of Powerball will happen on the same night, a number which can represent a date EXACTLY ONE WEEK EARLIER (2/15), a date on which yet another Powerball game and Texas Lottery game will play! You see, according to my calculations (using three different methods for confirmation), game draw numbers 215 of Powerball and 2012 of the Texas Lottery will occur on 2/22 of 2012. Naturally, the Powerball draw number 215 on that night can represent a date 7 days earlier, yet another Wednesday night on which both Powerball and Texas lottery are played.
Here’s another kicker: the only reason why the Powerball game that will be played on 2/22 of 2012 is numbered 215 is because it’s the TEXAS reference number, since it’s actually been around being played in other states for many years. Texas only got hooked up with Powerball early in 2010 (2/03/10), and therefore the draw numbers displayed on the Texas Powerball playslips reflect the draw numbers since participation began in Texas on 2/03 of 2010. Isn’t it kinda cool that in the 2nd Powerball game in which Texas participated 22 was the first number drawn? It’s probably just a minor coincidence, but it was still fun for me to find.
Mind you, the weirdest part about this “game 2012 in 2012″ coincidence is not so much that it exists, but that so far it seems that no one else but me has noticed it! Wouldn’t this be a pretty big deal for all the 2012 enthusiasts? It seems to me that millions of people should already be aware of this 2012 coincidence! Why aren’t they?? Remember, this particular kind of coincidence will NEVER happen again, at least not with the Texas Lottery draw numbers!!

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3 Responses to Major coincidence with Texas Lottery in 2012

  1. Esther says:

    Texas women is really good at winning the lottery… Howry Breen and Herman LLP: Texas Lottery Fraud Victim Willis Willis Wins Again.

  2. Mercy Husul says:

    Im diggin your internet-site. Awesome, in the event that My partner and I won typically the powerball lottery I think I would contribute my own winning into a charitable organization, haha adequately at a minimum 50 percent concerning it. I am talking about don’t you want to. A good solid a small number of million and I am completely happy, exactly who requires 100s of million dollars? Thats just greedy lol. Carry on the outstanding work.

  3. Hey, that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking! Money is certainly nice, but hundreds of millions can do a lot of good stuff when donated to good charities that you’ve checked out even BEFORE you win the lottery!! Thanks for the great comment!!

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