Bizarre use of visualization coincidence!

I swear this really happened, though it will be impossible for me to confirm, so I hope my readers can give me the benefit of the doubt and allow for the possibility that this weird coincidence did indeed occur. It’s truly bizarre, and it messes with my head every time I think about it.

About two-and-half years ago I realized I had made a mistake in my book “The Coincidence Collector”, and I would have to re-write at least a couple of chapters to fix it, something I certainly did not look forward to. Consequently, I took a couple of weeks off from writing, essentially procrastinating since I had simply lost the momentum to move forward. I felt terrible!

Photography by Zsuzsanna Kilian

I knew I would have to get to work on it soon, or else I would really have a problem getting motivated again, but I allowed myself to think about other options besides re-writing. At last I realized that if something happened in real-life (since my book is based on real-life coincidences), and it would have to be a very specific thing, I could simply ADD it to what I had already written without changing anything else! In fact, if this specific thing really happened in real life (it would have to be easily confirmed due to being in the news, and possibly worldwide), it would really amp up the cool-factor of the content of my book I had already written.

Mind you, I knew I was asking a lot, since the news item I was hoping for was so specific, and it would require exactly 155 people to be scared out of their wits for at least a half-hour or so, and I really didn’t want even a single person to be so frightened just so I could get on with my book, but I had the thought anyway.

I’m really serious when I say it had to be exactly 155 people, due to another weird coincidence that happened in 2007, and that is the part that was already in my book, and why the number 155 was so critical. I had given myself two weeks for something along those lines to occur, and if it didn’t happen by January 17th of 2009, I would have to start re-writing the two chapters. Yuck!

Now here is where it gets REALLY weird! I am a big fan of “The Secret”, and I had known of a special viewing in Houston area theaters (and all over the entire U.S. for that matter) of a pre-filmed chat session with all the wonderful people involved in the making of the movie “The Secret” on January 15th of 2009, a Thursday night. I went to that viewing at a nearby theater, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but all the while reminding myself I would likely have to start re-writing those chapters in my book on the following Saturday, the day I had already promised myself I would do so IF the specific weird and scary event had not occurred by then. Little did I know it had ALREADY happened a little earlier on the same date as the special “The Secret” viewing, January 15th of ’09!!!!

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Yes, that is the very date on which flight #1549 landed on the Hudson River, piloted by the heroic pilot “Sully” Sullenberger, in which there were EXACTLY 155 survivors, everyone on board!! Is that freakin’ wild, or WHAT?? Not only that, the flight number of the plane fit right into coincidence from 2007 I had already written about!! In
fact, I realized that the flight number, 1549, could easily be said to represent a date in the near future (the near future at that time, that is), the 15th of April in 2009 (15/4/9), which was the 97th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic (asteroid #97 is known as KLOTHO, the first of the three fates).

I decided that this was no accident, and that I could perhaps play some numbers based on this coincidence on the very night in question, April 15th that year, since that would be a Wednesday night, and therefore a Texas Lottery game would be played on that night. But what numbers to play? Since game draw number 1549 had already occurred almost two years earlier on September 15th, 2007, I decided to use the same numbers that played on that date. Three of them hit, and I won money in the Texas Lottery game for the first time in at least three years!!! Admittedly, it was only three bucks, but according to the official Texas lottery website, the chances of hitting three correct numbers is 1 in 74!!! The three that I got correct were 16, 17, and 41. They were the last three numbers drawn on the night of April 15th, 2009, and they were drawn in this order: 41, 16, 17. I thought it interesting that two of the winning numbers that also played on September 15th, 2007 were the consecutive digits 16, 17, the only two consecutive digits drawn in either game. I don’t know if that is such the huge deal, but it seemed at least worth noting.

Anyway, it seems fairly cosmic to me that the plane landing on the Hudson happened on the exact same date as the special viewing of “The Secret”, and that I had actually somewhat hoped for something like that to happen, with exactly the same number of survivors, which was indeed everyone on board (thank goodness!!!!), just a few days earlier! I didn’t have to rewrite my chapters after all!!! Yay!!

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3 Responses to Bizarre use of visualization coincidence!

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  2. Judi says:

    Whew, you better not think/wish/dream of world events of that magnitude again.

  3. No kidding! I certainly thought of that too! I really didn’t want anyone to have to go through some scary stuff, even though they all survived. It was just really weird when I heard that it had really happened! I’ll have to keep an eye on what I think about in the future!

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