Is “The Secret” merely coincidence, or something more cosmic?

Though this website is usually concerned with occurrences of interesting coincidences, I also would like to ponder the possibility that use of “The secret” (visualization and/or the law of attraction) is partly or wholly responsible for such spectacular coincidences.

THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

I often visualize in my mind what I need, and very often what would fill that need winds up presenting itself to me within a few days, or sometimes in less than an hour! This happened to me just last Wednesday (June 14, 2011). I was driving the company truck to pick up some plywood at Home Depot, and I remembered that there is some basic maintenance that the truck itself requires, but I had lost my really good mechanic due to him moving to a new location more than a year earlier, and I hadn’t been able to locate him again.

I pictured him in my mind, and I allowed myself the possibility that he could also be at Home Depot at the same time as me, as unlikely as that would be (since I had never seen him anywhere but at his mechanic’s shop). No sooner had I parked the truck/trailer and snagged a plywood dolly to carry the wood I planned to buy than I heard a voice behind me, “Hey, long time, no see. You know I moved my shop, right?” Sure enough, it was Steve, the mechanic I had pictured in my head just a few minutes earlier!! He gave me his new card with all his information and we talked for about 15 minutes to catch up on everything that had happened in the year or more that we hadn’t seen each other. Good timing, wasn’t it??

In my mind, this is an excellent example of using visualization to get what you need even when that thing seems very unlikely. I have literally dozens of such examples from my own personal memory, and I certainly tend to think they are more than just coincidence, even though a skeptic would likely say otherwise. It sure does happen often enough for my taste, to think it is actually “tapping”, to use the vernacular of such luminaries as Nick Ortner and Bob Proctor (heroes of mine!), two of the many enlightened proponents of “The Secret” (also known as the law of attraction). I aspire to one day be as proficient at “tapping” as they are, and I hope to meet them one day! Why, I visualize it, therefore it is very likely to occur! I’ll let you know how awesome that meeting is when it happens, for sure!

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  1. SIMONE says:

    truky it can happen if you believe

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