Another target coincidence in the LOTTERY!!

Okay, so this is only in reference to the “Pick 3″ game of the Texas lottery games, not the big one, but it’s still pretty darn cool and downright weird in my opinion.

Look, I know this stuff is going to sound totally out there, but I’ve seen (what I think is) a lot of evidence that some of the Pick 3 numbers of the Texas lottery games appear to be PREDICTABLE due to bizarre COINCIDENCES, and not just looking for patterns in them. This particular coincidence starts last April 12th (2010), when I decided to play 412 in the day game of the Texas Pick 3, a representation of that day’s date (4/12).

The reason I had decided to play 412 on 4/12 is that I had happened across a VHS copy of the movie “The Titanic” in my movie library, something I wasn’t sure I had. I had been meaning to watch it for some years since I have so much stuff in my book “The Coincidence Collector” that concerns the maiden voyage of the ill-fated RMS Titanic (RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer), and I found I had the almost three hours required to watch it on the Sunday afternoon I had stumbled across it, which happened to be April 11th, the day before I played 412 in the Pick 3 on 4/12.

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The following day after watching it, 4/12, I realized I had watched this movie on an anniversary (the 98th) of the first full 24-hour day of sail of the Titanic, which had set sail on 4/10 of 1912 (so 4/10 wasn’t a full 24-hour day of sail, but 4/11 was). Since I didn’t make this connection until the next day, Monday, the 12th of April, which was the anniversary of the 2nd full day of sail of the Titanic, and I also just happened to be in a position to be able to pull into a convenience store to play the Pick 3 game before the numbers were chosen at 12:27 (yes, that’s right. For some strange reason that is the official drawing time for the day game), I chose a representation of the day’s date to play in the game, 412.

Alas, when I checked the numbers online later that day after getting home from work, 412 had not played in that day’s game, 759 had instead. I was almost struck dumb when I saw that, because I felt like the cosmos was messing with me, since I already knew from memory where 759 first appears in the digits of pi!! In position 412, the number I had played!! And the weirdest part was that I knew this because of the Titanic stuff in my book!! Yow!!

Of course, I fully understood that this could have merely been an interesting coincidence, nothing more, but it seemed more than that to me since I didn’t have to look up the first appearance of 759 in the digits of pi to see that it was in position 412, I already was QUITE AWARE due to its significance in my book. I mean, come on, who else on this planet would know the first three digits in position 412 in the digits of pi besides myself? I can think of only one other who I personally know, but she didn’t actually play 412 in the Pick 3 on that date!

Okay, that was the background, but here is where it gets a little spookier, this year, exactly a year later. I check the Pick 3 numbers every day for possible target coincidences, and on the Friday of 4/08 this year (2011), 412 played in the day game of the Texas Pick 3, the same number I had chosen almost a year earlier on 4/12. Naturally, this got my attention since the date 4/12 was only 4 days away, the following Tuesday (it had been a Monday the previous year).

Now, admittedly, a normal, rational, logical thinking person (I try to be one of those as much as I can) would say that seeing 412 play on 4/08 is no big deal, even though that is a representation of a date that is coming in four days. I do get that. However, I have personally noticed some pretty weird stuff happen in the Pick 3 games that seems more cosmic than mere coincidence, so I took note. What I took from it was that something is going to happen on 4/12 that is related to what happened a year earlier on that date.

I figured that if something really cosmic was being indicated on 4/08 (forewarned, no, forearmed perhaps is a better word) about the coming date, 4/12, then I would need to cover my bases as much as possible so I could win some really good money in the Pick 3 (by the way, I have done so more than once using my “target coincidence” theory, so I’m pretty serious about it when I do this sort of research). I chose to play 412, 759 (in case the exact same darn thing happened again), 804 (indicating the European method of doing the date 4/08, the date that 412 played in the game).

After all, I figured it would be really cool if 804 played in the day game of 4/12, when 412 played in the day game of 8/04 (or 4/08. Either way I would win money, since I had chosen the “any order” option for an extra 50 cents). When I got up to go to work on Tuesday, the 12th of April, I told myself that I also need to see what is in position 124 in the digits of pi in case the first three digits there would be what played on 4/12 that day, otherwise known as 12/4, in case the exact same thing happened as the year before, but a different representation of the same date.

Alas, I forgot to do so, and when I got to work I remembered. I told myself I would need to call someone at some point that day prior to 12:27 in the afternoon to find out what the first three digits were in position 124 in the digits of pi so I could play them, just in case. Alas, I never had a moment in which I could do that (damn job!), and therefore never played those digits, which at that time were unknown to me, unlike the year before, when 759 played on 4/12.

When I checked the numbers after I got home from work I saw that 844 had played in the Pick 3 day game that day, and I was petrified. I had played 8/04, but that’s not good enough, and when I saw that 844 played, I was concerned that those would be the digits that would make their first appearance in position 124. I checked, and holy crap, I was CORRECT!!!! The string 844 does make its first appearance in position 124 (or 12/4, the date), the very thing I meant to look up before I left for work, and simply freakin’ forgot!

What’s also cool about this (at least to me) is that 844, the number that played on 4/12 (or 12/4) is a representation of the date that 412 itself played on (8/4) plus the number of days away that 12/4 is from 8/4 (four. The number that played was 844)!!! I really do feel like I got ALL the clues I needed to “solve” this “target coincidence”, and I was on the right track, I simply freakin’ forgot to check position 124 and play the digits in that position in case something cosmic was going to happen that day!! I promise, I really did intend to play the first three digits in position 124 on that date, I just forgot to get them before I left for work! I know, “coulda, woulda, shoulda”, but I really didn’t figure this out after the fact, I at least considered the possibility beforehand, I simply got sidetracked and didn’t get the information in time. Darn it!

Please remember, this is the same thing that happened exactly a year earlier, on 4/12 (otherwise known as 12/4)! These, to my knowledge (and I’ve done a lot of research on this sort of thing) are the only times that the numbers played on a date of the Pick 3 are the first three digits in pi in the representations of the date itself! I have found no others. Two years in a row, and this last one appears to have been predicted in the day game of the Pick 3 on 4/8, or 8/4??? Got my attention, for sure!!

Admittedly, proof of this sort of “cosmic thingy” is hardly confirmed by this particular coincidence, but this sort of “thingy” has happened enough for my satisfaction. I’m definitely on the lookout for more in the future, and I’ll let you know!!

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    Hot damn, looknig pretty useful buddy.

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