The sinking of the Titanic and possible connections in the digits of pi!

The RMS Titanic as she begins her maiden voyage soon after a near collision with the SS New York. Image courtesy of Daniel Chiswick and Wikipedia.

Look, I know this is going to sound really wild, but I have found amazing coincidences in the digits of pi that seem to indicate the sinking of the Titanic, and they happen over and over, in several different ways.

I explore this amazing possibility in my book, “The Coincidence Collector”, and you might imagine I would prefer to save my discoveries and reveal them in my book, but I think there is one I don’t mind revealing here in this blog post, prior to the publication of my book. This one is fairly astounding, especially when coupled with Titanic/pi coincidences I had already discovered prior to my discovering the particular anomaly I will reveal in this posting.

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The method of my discovering this particular anomaly is perhaps every bit as astounding as the discovery itself, as I simply had a hunch I would be correct in my assessment that a particularly strange coincidence concerning the date that the Titanic sank and something else that happened on that date, in conjunction with the position of a particular string of digits after the decimal in pi, would be the first time that such an anomaly would be found in that infinite string of digits. After a couple of hours of research using the pi search website link I have provided here for your use at this website, I confirmed to my own satisfaction that my hunch was indeed correct.

Okay, so here’s the hunch that was so cotton-pickin’ important that I spent the time necessary to confirm it (and it’s still pretty freaky to me). The very first two-integer count-up to appear in the digits of pi, in which the integers are composed of three digits (such as 546547) is 731732 (731, 732), which appears in position 784 in the digits of pi after the decimal (the first digit in the string 731732 is the 784th digit after the decimal in pi).

Image courtesy of NASA

Okay, so what’s the connection between the count-up of 731, 732 in the digits of pi and the sinking of the Titanic? Simple. The two asteroids discovered on the very night that the Titanic sank (April 15th, 1912) were #731 Sorga and #732 Tjilaki, no more, no less. That’s right, exactly two and only two asteroids were discovered on the very same night the Titanic sank, and they just happen to be numbered 731 and 732, which also just happens to be the very first two integer count-up found in the digits of pi, when the integers are composed of three digits. The next two-integer count-up, in which the integers are composed of three digits does not occur again until position 1,803, which is 1,019 digits after the appearance of 731732.  In the case of position 1,803, the two-integer count-up is 796797. Oddly, this also figures into the Titanic-pi coincidences, but that will have to wait!

Anyway, I just thought it was kinda strange that the very first two-integer count-up in the digits of pi in which the integers are composed of three digits happened to be a representation of the two asteroids discovered on the very night that the Titanic sank. Come on, ain’t it just a little weird?? What’s perhaps even weirder is the four-digit sequence right in front of the appearance of 731732, which is how I found the 731732 sequence in the first place! It knocked my socks off when I saw the 731732 string following it!! But, hey, you’re going to have to do your own research on that to figure it out, or wait for me to post the rest of it here at a later date. For that matter, it would be nice if I could lock down a publisher for “The Coincidence Collector” so that you can read it in an honest-to-goodness hardcover book (of course there’s lots of other cool coincidences to be found there)!! Hope you had fun with this coincidence! I sure did!

Oh, by the way, the two asteroids that were discovered on the very night that the Titanic sank were discovered by Adam Massinger at an astronomical observatory in HeidelBERG, Germany.

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5 Responses to The sinking of the Titanic and possible connections in the digits of pi!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Very intriguing coincidences, Galen! Your timing is pretty awesome, too! As you mention in your blog post, the Titanic sank on 4/15. What you don’t mention is that you published this post on the 99th anniversary of the night the Titanic actually hit the iceberg which led to her demise on 4/15. Great timing!

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    • Galen says:

      Say, this link you supplied looks like it actually belongs here, unlike the vast majority of spam comments I receive. I checked out the Titanic Coincidences site myself and it’s got some pretty interesting stuff going on there. Thanks for the heads up! I hope you enjoyed the digits of pi article you commented on, since they really do seem to indicate the sinking of the RMS Titanic! How about it? What did you think about MY article, eh??

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  4. titanic obsesse person who doesn't enjoy pie says:

    it’s almost creepy, but awesome

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