Excellent example of a “target coincidence”!

In my book “The Coincidence Collector”, I explore to some degree the hypothetical concept of what I like to call the “target coincidence”, which is the possibility of being able to predict an unlikely coincidence after noticing a fairly conspicuous coincidence that might be the precursor, or “pointer” to yet another coincidence that will eventually occur in a specific time frame.

This future (or target) coincidence theoretically will occur because it appears likely related to the initial coincidence (precursor or pointer) that has already been noticed by a person who hopes to predict the “target coincidence” accurately. Naturally, one reason for attempting such a seemingly illogical exercise is the hope that one could win a little bit (or a lot) of extra money by correctly identifying winning numbers in one of the many lottery games now available to those living in the USA (or anywhere there are lottery games!).

Skeptics will certainly scoff at the idea of being able to predict winning numbers through the use of coincidence observation and research thereof, and perhaps they will liken it to pattern recognition, a common method employed by many in an effort to choose winning lottery numbers, and which has been soundly disproved to my personal satisfaction. However, I believe it is not the same thing as pattern recognition, and I will give an example from the Texas Lottery game known as “Pick 3″ to illustrate.

Three days prior to last June 8th (2010), another coincidence collector like myself whose advice I take seriously pointed out to me that she had realized that the immediately forthcoming Megamillions game to be played on June 8th was game draw #680. In other words, it would be the 680th game of the Megamillions multi-state lottery game to be played after Texas had joined the other states already participating in that particular lottery.

Of course, hundreds of Megamillions games had played in other states prior to Texas joining the proceedings, but my other coincidence collector friend and I only had access to (or knew of) information pertaining to the games that were played after Texas joined the fray. Consequently, when my friend pointed out that draw #680 would be played on 6/08 of last year, I knew immediately what she was getting at.

Should I choose this one....

Quite simply, the game draw number for that Tuesday night was an anagram of the day’s date, 6/08, something we had never encountered before. Therefore, I considered the possibility that either the three digit string 608 or 680 would play in the Texas game known as “Pick 3″ on that very date. The only question in my mind at that time was whether the string 608 would be drawn, representing the date, or 680, representing the game draw number that would play later that evening. What a quandary!

Of course, this is not really a quandary if one really feels certain that one of those three-digit strings will be chosen in the “Pick 3″ game on that date, since someone who is using their brain will simply cover the bases, something I failed to do on that date (what a dope!).

..... or this one????

However, I did play 608 in the day game on that date (there is also a game played at night at 10:12. The day game is drawn at 12:27), and I chose the option of “any order”, which won me 43 bucks. The game draw number of that night’s Megamillions game is what was actually chosen in the “Pick 3″ day game. If I had put some money on the exact order of 680, I would have won 293 bucks, tax free (tax free because anything shy of 600 bucks in a Texas game is tax free, and can be redeemed at a participating grocery store).

Naturally, I was still stoked that I had seemingly identified, with the help of my coincidence collecting friend, one of the winning three-digit strings that actually did play in the Texas “Pick 3″ game on 6/08 of 2010 by using my own theory of the “target coincidence”. Of course, I was still somewhat ticked at myself that I had not covered my bases by hedging my bet. Prior to buying my ticket I felt fairly certain due to the date being an anagram of the Megamillions draw number that night, that either 608 or 680 would be drawn in the Texas “Pick 3″ day game, and I certainly should have put my money on both of those to make sure I hit it dead-on.

However, even with only winning my measly 43 bucks, I still took in slightly more than 2000 percent of my initial investment, certainly nothing to sneeze at. I later learned through a lot of research that this particular coincidence involving the Texas “Pick 3″ game had never happened before!

Now of course, the question is whether or not this event was merely coincidence, and if it should be seriously considered as a viable method for choosing winning numbers in the “Pick 3″ games. To be honest, I certainly have no proof that it is anything other than lucky coincidence, but I do have other examples where this same sort of thing has occurred, and it compels me to lean in that direction. The most recent “target coincidence” that seems to have predicted winning numbers in the Texas “Pick 3″ occurred on Sept. 22nd of last year (2010).

Will I tell the story of the “target coincidence” that happened in the “Pick 3″ game on Sept. 22nd of 2010? If I get enough positive reaction to this posting, ABSOLUTELY!!!! I hope you all have enjoyed it, and thank you for humoring me!!

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