LOST Bonus Ball Hits Again

In The Lost Drive Shaft, posted February 12th, I wrote that the connecting guide words on pages 753 and 754 of one of my favorite dictionaries are LOTTERY and LOTTO.  I went on to write about what I considered a pretty cool LOST connection because those two pages led to the page on which DRIVE SHAFT appears.

Proof that Friday night's Mega Millions drawing was draw #753. Click image for greater detail.

This past Friday night, only six days after the posting I just referenced, the Mega Millions drawing was draw #753 for Texas.  Since I currently reside in Texas, I thought it would be quite fun if the LOST numbers hit in draw #753!  Although three of those numbers had just hit along with the LOST bonus ball last month, January 4th, I suspected the odds were against those numbers hitting again so soon, but I just had to play them!

What do you know! The LOST bonus ball (#42) was drawn as the Mega Millions’ Mega Ball again, in draw #753!  Okay, so it only yielded me a $6 return on my investment, but I was not expecting to hit the jackpot with those numbers, this time.  The fact that such a significant LOST lottery number would be drawn in Texas’ draw #753 was exciting enough for me, especially considering the fact that I won some of my money back!

I also found it interesting that 45 was another one of the winning numbers from Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing since it had been 45 days since the last time #42 was drawn as the Mega Ball.  Did you happen to notice that I won $6 six days after publishing The Lost Drive Shaft?!?

Friday night's winning Mega Millions numbers


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